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mujMail v1.07

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mujMail is a J2ME email client for mobile devices.

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  • Fast and optimized for hardware contrains of mobile devices.

  • Operations are multithreaded. That means you can send mails, retrieve mails from multiple mailboxes and change settings simultaneously.
  • Unique feature to redownload a damaged mail or bodypart and repair it!
  • Uses RMS to store mails persistenly on the device, it means you don’t have to connect to server in order to read old mails, which saves you money.
  • It can download only the headers for your emails, meaning that you only need to download full messages/attachments if you want to read/view them.
  • This will save you time checking your email and money on your data transfer charges.
  • Minimal round-trips time while retrieving or sending emails, that means fast communication with email servers.
  • Can use a queue for outgoing mails for faster batch mail sending, which uses less bandwith and again saves money.
  • Automatic new mail checking and downloading at a given time period.
  • Addressbook with inteligent T9-like contacts searching, and Auto-adding new contacts.
  • Easy and intuitive Hot-keys (shortcuts) system.
  • Mails are logically divided into folders(inbox, outbox, drafts..) and mails’ states are displayed by various icons(read, unread, replied..).
  • Mails in folders can be sorted by various criterias.
  • Easy mail accounts managements. Unlimited mail accounts.
  • Supports basic mail attachments like *.png, *.jpg, *.gif images.
  • IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, SSL supported.
  • Many things other programs consider as a feature but we don’t (support of IMAP4 folders, can download only structure of a mail, it’s first xx lines..).
  • No registration. No connection to mediatory server to store or process your mails like some other programs do, that means speed and privacy.

mujMail v1.07