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Talki v2.3.17

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talki free text
talki is a FREE text, talk and picture messaging for your mobile phone!


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  • UNLIMITED texting with your talki friends! No more expensive international SMS charges! You can also send regular text messages to your friends who don’t have talki yet, anywhere in the world, for just a few cents using talki credits. Your messages are delivered in seconds and you can immediately see when your friend has received your text. No more waiting hours for messages to be delivered!
  • Picture Messaging – take photos with your phone and send them to your friends on their mobile phones wherever they are in the world. You can even attach a picture that you’ve saved on your phone. The best part is, no more expensive MMS charges! With talki you can send a picture message to your talki friends for free or to ANY mobile phone in the world for just a few cents using talki credits.
  • Calling – No more expensive international mobile calls. Make all your international calls local – call local, talk global! With talki, you and your friends in more than 37 countries can talk for the cost of a local call. You can also call your friends on any phone, in ANY country for as little as a few cents a minute, by using talki credits to make cheap calls at any time. With talki all your calls can be free or cheap. Either way you’ll save as much as 85% compared to the cost of dialing direct using your current mobile provider.

Talki v2.3.17



  1. The talki app is really cool and offers more than Skype

  2. Chaplain,Mitchell Martins

    I really desire ds Talki v2.3.17:java mobile on my phone.But I dont know if all about it applies in my country of residence(Nigeria)& my phone NOKIA 3110 classic.If dr is any way it works in here,Can u email me?