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Web2Mobi World Weather

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Web2Mobi World Weather, Weather midlet beta v.0.82.26 is a mobile client with features:
– Current weather and forecasts for all around the globe.
– Satellite images
– Multiple cities in a certain countries.
– In the USA and Canada you can use ZIP code as well.
– Database for locations you want to have forecasts

When you start the Weather application, you first create a database for locations which you want to have current weather and forecasts. To create a location, you first select the Country and continue to next step where you select the city, if there are cities to select, and temperature units. After selecting options you must save your location. There are not cities available for all the countries. If there are no cities to select, current weather and forecasts are shown for a capital of the selected country.

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USA is an exception, there are no cities to select but you can use ZIP code instead of city.

After creating the location database, it is easy to retrieve current weather and forecasts by
highlighting the location and pressing the joystick of the phone. You can get satellite images from Weather data screen by selecting Options and Get satellite images.

System requirements
Basically all mobile phones with Java MIDP 2.0 and GPRS capability are valid. We have tested this client software with Nokia 2610 mobile phone and Nokia 6600 mobile phone.
In the network connections use accesspoint Internet. It is recommended to make some kind of data plan with your operator.

Web2Mobi World Weather