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Yamee v1.1 – Free Yahoo Messenger Client

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What’s New in version 1.1
*60 emotions
*message alerts : vibrate, sound, flash backlight

Free Yahoo Messenger for your handphone and connect directly to Yahoo’s server. You can make conference, add or delete contact, set or view the status and send message to group or several selected contact

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This Messenger is also skinnable, you can change the UI skins from the setting menu. View others status from the text banner on the top and set your own status or set the custom status.


  • add and remove contact
  • conference
  • contacts grouping
  • send message to group or several selected contacts (press # to show the mark)
  • send and receive BUZZ
  • receive offline message
  • incoming mail notifications
  • typing notification
  • offline/online notifications
  • show/hide offline contacts (shortcut: press 0)
  • set or view status (status shown on the top screen)
  • skinnable (4 type skins)

Yamee v1.1 – Free Yahoo Messenger Client



  1. MobyExplorer is cute and useful

  2. is a good applications

  3. i like Nokia phone very much.its looking and great, i have always use Nokia phone.

  4. i want to downlaod yamee to my n76 mobile please

  5. I want to download but ia cant in my k770i

  6. i wont to download to my E66

  7. Can i down load yamee on my Nokia 81.pl.answer.

  8. How do i download Yamee on my Nokia 5310 xpressmusic?

  9. i downloaded yamee 1.3 version after some days am not able to use it i will login but i could not chat to any one.i can see the person who r online. the only thing is if i ping them they cannot get my messages.an u help me solving my problem.

  10. Where is the download link?

  11. Its really good

  12. Yamee Yahoo is working well on Nokia E66


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  17. would this work on a nokia 6120 classic? i want to appear online ONLY TO ONE contact and watch out for his messages.