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YMTiny – Free J2ME Yahoo Messenger

YMTiny by Yusuf Arief Rahmanto is a free J2ME Yahoo Messenger. Directly connects to the Yahoo’s server. Specially designed for small screen device.Just connect with your Yahoo! ID, no other registration needed.

Features YMTiny
– Settable message alerts: sound (midi), vibrate, flash backlight, open IM window
– Bitmap font for small screen device, and others system fonts
– “Smart Ping” maintains connection and minimizes bandwidth usage
– Receives offline messages, new mail and typing notifications
– View a friend’s status, show and hide offline friends
– Send BUZZ!!!
– Window and scroll animations

Cool Stuff
  • SuperTuner 1.1
    SuperTuner player tunes a string or percussive instrument. Guitar, Violin, Congos. No MP3 files, just MIDI sequences. Supports Octave 1 to 9, 128 instruments, arranged in 16 families below. Piano, Chromatic Percussion, Organ, Guitar, Bass, Strings, Ensemble, Brass, Reed, Pipe, …
  • IM+ Talk For Mobile Phones
    IM+ Talk is a skype application for your mobile phones that allows you to perform Skype functions and experience Skype features easily.it does offer some slick features like call and chat with your Skype contacts.
  • Bluetooth File Manager v1.2.0
    with this program you can browse another cell phone and copy, delete ..etc from your mobile phone

Next features
– Emoticons!
– Sends typing notifications (settable)
– Set status and custom status
– More sounds and bitmap fonts
– Message archive
– Skins
– Stylus support

YMTiny Yahoo Messenger For Java Phones



  1. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article – Free J2ME Yahoo Messenger | Java Mobile Phones, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  2. i don’t know does this program works on my mobile? my mobile is nokia 6270

  3. Jm tiny worked on my Nokia 3110 and it proved very useful to me.

  4. Jm tiny worked on my Nokia 3110.

  5. i can’t find any emoticon in this program…

  6. It must be a good software

  7. it worked on my 3110c but not on my SE K320i. someone pls help me. thanks…

    It says.. security error there may be a problem on your network settings… but i can browse the internet with my k320i

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