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Micro Counter Strike Beta 3D

Micro CS is the mobile version of the classic PC game ‘Half Life Counter-Strike’. In this game, armed with multiple weapons, as a member of the counter-terrorist force, you must fight fearlessly against the terrorists in different locations while avoiding enemies’ attack through your missions, each of those is dangerous and horrific because the terrorists are always shooting behind you! Now struggle to stay alive!

Micro Counter Strike Beta 3D

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Beta Version Includes :
1.The game now includes only one map.
2.No network game mode provided.
3.The jar file size is about 153K.
4.Only one terrorist in a game round.

Features :
* The game must run on devices that support JSR-184
* High performance devices boost the game’s performance
* Devices with bigger screen enhance your visual experience
Micro Counter Strike Beta 3D* 260k above available storage space is required for the game’s JAR package


Game Compatibility :
Nokia 6630 / 6680 / 6681 / 6682 / N70 / N90
Samsung Z500 /
Sony Ericsson D750i / J300 / J300i / K750i / W550i / W800i / W900i / Z520

Micro Counter Strike Beta 3D Java Games