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Gcam for Samsung A12 Download And Install

The Samsung A12 arrived in mid-2020 with a 6.5-inch display and the Helio P35 SOC. The device uses four main cameras on the back. It uses a 48MP lens, 5MP ultrawide lens, 2MP macro and depth while the front uses a 8MP camera.

With camera specifications like this, the Samsung A12 is already quite good but we can actually improve it further by using third-party camera applications. One of the most popular is Google Camera.

Google Camera or GCam is packed with features ranging from HDR Plus to Smartbrust and many more that allow users to take high-quality photos. In fact, people won’t believe that the shot came from a phone camera if you capture a shot between GCam and a pre-installed camera app.

There are also other features including Lens Blur, Motion Photos, Night Sight, Astrophotography Mode, and many more that can be utilized by simply adding the configuration files available as extras.

If you are curious about this application, then we will guide you how to download and install Gcam on Samsung A12.

Download GCam Samsung A12

GCam Samsung A12
Google Camera better known as GCam on non-Pixel devices offers great photography performance on any smartphone assuming the phone supports Camera2 API.

As we know, Google Camera is a dedicated app for Pixel smartphones. However, we can use a modified GCam using mods like XDA, Greatness, Nikita, Shamim or Pinguincam which is available for Samsung A12.

Gcam 2.5 Greatness

GCAM 8.0 PinguinCam

GCAM 3.6  Shamim

How to Install GCAM on Samsung A12

After selecting one of the Google Camera Mods above, the next step is to install the apk file via the My Files app.

  1. Open the My Files app on the Samsung A12 phone.
  2. Then navigate to Internal storage >> Download folder.
  3. Find the gcam apk file then tap to install it.
  4. If unknown application installation permissions appear, please tap Settings then enable Allow from this source.
  5. If so, tap the Back button, then do the installation.
  6. After the Gcam installation process is successful, please run the application.

Now that the Google Camera app is installed on the Samsung A12 phone, please try taking pictures of anything and compare the results with the built-in camera.

If the photo results from Gcam are still inferior to the Samsung camera application, you can try another version of Gcam or combine it with Config.