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Gizmo VOIP Plugin For Symbian S60v3

Making an Internet call with the Nokia Symbian is as easy as making a regular voice call, only the call is carried through wireless LAN, saving money and conserving cellular airtime minutes in the process. The VoIP framework, based on the SIP-protocol, is integrated into the Nokia user interface, so downloading the GIZMO VoIP settings is simple.
Furthermore, the open S60 platform on the Nokia N80 Internet Edition is optimized for downloading compatible third party Internet call applications.

Experience the first fully integrated VoIP solution for a Nokia phone. Enabled access to Gizmo VoIP on a Nokia phone is the very latest in mobile Internet calling. Get connected and start making mobile Internet calls today.

Gizmo VOIP Plugin For Symbian S60v3 1Features

  • Simple Install and setup with a phone optimized Quick Start
  • Ultra cheap calls to landlines and mobile phones
  • Web based Account Management optimized for the phone
  • Call forwarding and free voicemail

Supported Devices:
Nokia E61i, Nokia E65, Nokia N80 and Nokia N95

Gizmo VOIP