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GlassPlayer – MP3 Player For Java Phones

mp3 players in J2ME phones by Rooster Designs. With GlassPlayer you get the functionalities you lack with most common native players, like multiple playlists, nice looks and great user interface. Get yourself a sophisticated mp3 player for your J2ME device.
GlassPlayer - MP3 Player For Java Phones 1GlassPlayer - MP3 Player For Java Phones 2
1. Custom playlists
GlassPlayer gives you the possiblity to create unlimited number of playlists to accommodate your different moods and different desires with music. You are able to select just a one list or combine several to your listening session

2. FastTrack playlist
FastTrack is a playlist you can add songs so they will be played next. With this feature the song you desire most to hear is really played next, without interfering your other playlists. Once the song ends, it will be automatically removed from FastTrack. When FastTrack gets empty, the playing continues as it would have without the FastTrack additions.

3. Advanced playback settings
With the variety of playback settings, you are able to select weather the songs are played in the order of the playlist or totally randomized. GlassPlayer gives you the possibility to use continuous play to listen the same set of playlists again and again.

4. Intuitive ui
GlassPlayer comes with a great, easy to use user interface. The tabbed view allows you to see and browse different information quickly and efficiently, even on a small mobile phone screens

5. ID3 Support
Support for mp3 meta information is available, and can be turned off if desired. Turning the feature off speeds up adding the files to playlists.