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Gmail v1.5.0.1187 For Java Mobile Phones

We’ve been working to make Gmail for mobile devices even faster. Check out the new downloadable application that delivers the following features:

Gmail v1.5.0.1187 For Java Mobile Phones 1Faster, more Gmail-like user experience
Gmail for mobile devices is fast and easy to use, with the same functions and look and feel as Gmail on the web. Once installed on your mobile device, you’re just a click or two away from the messages in your Gmail inbox.

Automatic synchronization
Your Gmail account stays synchronized whether you access it from your PC or your phone. Send an email from your mobile device and you’ll find it in the ‘Sent Mail’ folder on your PC.

Gmail for mobile devices allows you to search through your entire Gmail archive in seconds. Simply click on the search menu option and input your query.

New! Sync your phone’s mail client inbox with IMAP.

Visit gmail.com/app on your mobile web browser.