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Gmobi, Google Talk Instant Messaging client For Java Mobile Phones

The Web2Mobi Gmobi, Gmobi midlet beta v.0.82.26 is a mobile client with features:
– Google Talk Instant Messaging client for mobile phones.
– Safe, direct connect to Google server via SSL/TLS. No intermediate servers.
– Multiple simultaneous chats, easy to change between chats.
– Full features, presence, adding/deleting contacts and saving chats to local database.
– Autoconnect feature, helps with network problems.
– Google mail alerts and snippets.

Gmobi, Google Talk Instant Messaging client For Java Mobile Phones 1When you start the Gmobi application, you can create a database for your username, password, default custom message and alert sound or you can connect straight to the Google Talk by typing your username and password. After connecting to the Google Talk, you get your contact list and presence information. If you have new emails in your Gmail account, you get an alert. You can see also snippets of your new emails. You can set your own presence to the Google Talk.

You can start chatting with your contacts by highlighting your contact and pressing joystick. You can have multiple simultaneous chats and it is easy to change between chats by turning joystick either left or right. Chats can be stored to local database and all chats are stored to Google’s servers.

You can manage your contacts by adding or deleteing them. You can also accepting or denying
invitations, which your friends will ask.Settings database and chat database are stored to memory and they remain even you close the application. It is easy to read or delete old chats and edit settings.

Application has autoconnect feature, which helps with network problems.
You can leave Gmobi running to the background. If you get a instant message, application will wake up and you get a sound alert if you have set it in the Settings. You can leave Gmobi to run in the background by pressing shortly the red button. You can wake Gmobi up by pressing Menu button for a while and select it from the list.

System requirements
Basically all mobile phones with Java MIDP 2.0 and GPRS capability are valid. We have tested this client software with Nokia 6600 mobile phone.
In the network connections use accesspoint Internet. It is recommended to make some kind of data plan with your operator.

Gmobi midlet beta v.0.82.26