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gp2mob v.1.0.5 Java

Use gp2mob application to query for the cheapest gas prices/stations in any US or Canadian city, right from your PDA or cell phone, all without using SMS or expensive wireless web browsers.

Features and Benefits:
gp2mob v.1.0.5 Java 1* Save $2-$3 on each fill up.
* Save time by buying from the closest and cheapest gas stations.
* Monitor your preferred gas stations.
* Works on all MIDP-2.0 phones.
* No need to enter zip or postal codes.
* Define your own stations.
* Supported countries: US & Canada only.
* Available in: English, Spanish and French.

* Get the cheapest, local gas prices on your cell phone.
* Find the best gas stations in your city in seconds.
* Be smart, buy low. Let the other guy overpay.
* Register and try it for FREE!
* Download now!

Compatible Devices
It works on all Java (MIDP-2.0) enabled cell phones and PDAs.