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GpsMid – vector based map application for cellphone

GpsMid is a Java J2ME mobile application with use OpenStreetMap Data. it’s free, fully offline, vector based map application for your cellphone. It displays your current position on a zoomable map and can be used to search for and navigate to roads or points of interest of your liking. There is also Navigation support for car driver, biker and pedestrians.


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  • Vector rendering of the roads, areas and points of interest
  • Displaying the map either north on top or in the direction of driving
  • Centering the map to a position received from your GPS:
    • NMEA GPS-unit with bluetooth connection.
    • Devices with built-in JSR179 compatible location provider
    • Based on Cell-ID (using opencellid.org)
  • Zooming in and out to arbitrary levels of detail.
  • Displaying the name of the street you are on and the maximum speed you may travel.
  • Searching for a name (street, city or POI) and jumping to it on the map
  • Searching for close by points of interest
  • Calculating a route to a target street and navigate to it with voice guidance and textual instructions
  • Adding and deleting of waypoints to the map
  • Recording and displaying of track logs
  • Importing and exporting track logs and waypoints to and from GPX
  • Taking geotagged photos with your mobile
  • Fully customizing which OSM features are used in GpsMid and how you want your map to look
  • Live editing of OpenStreetMap way tags

ready to use bundles of GpsMid including map data of a set of regions and countries.



  1. cannot install it on my Nokia 6300, it tells me not enough space, although i have 500mb free space on my memory card, Not enough tough in my internal phone memory

  2. works great on my Sony Ericsson C702!

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