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vlkGPS – GPS Navigation For Java Phones

VlkGPS is GPS tracker for Java enabled mobile phone, which is suitable for applications such as geo-caching, geo-tagging, or simply for storing and retrieving targets.

– coordinates (actual or cursor position)
– altitude
– speed
– zoom scale (10m – 10 000km)
– compas and satelites view
– waypoints (symbol and name)
– navigate to waypoint info (azimuth, heading, distance and name)
– satelite time
– last track + elevation and altitude profile

– saving
– listing (sort by distance from cursor)
– searching by keyword
– editing name and ident
– editing coordinates (entering coordinates is possible in some formats)
– editing altitude, proximity
– editing description, city, country
– chaning symbol
– text format (bold, big) and color
– deleting
– go to waypoint (move cursor to waypoint)
– navigate to waypoint
– export waypoint or all waypoints to bluetooth, phone memory, or to memory card in .csv,.gpx, .kml, .loc format
– import from phone memory and memory card in .csv, .kml, .gpx and .loc file format

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– recording
– deleting
– exporting to bluetooth, phone memory, or to memory card in .csv,.gpx, .kml format
– setting “compression” of saved track

– support for touch screen
– units change: coordinates (D, DM, DMS), distance (m, km, mi, nm), height (m, km, ft), speed (km/h, m/s, mph, kt)
– localization (EN, SK, CZ, FR)
– color scheme for DAY and NIGHT
– enables to set backlight AUTO OFF or ALWAYS ON
– search (or direct enter MAC address of BT GPS), connect and disconnect GPS device
– on/off backlight hack on Sony Ericsson phones (make problems on some nokia phones)


  • optimized for bluetooth enabled SonyEricsson mobile phones whit minimum display resolution 176 x 220 pix
  • supported SonyEricsson, Nokia, Motorola and Siemens phones
  • external bluetooth, or internal GPS receiver

vlkGPS – GPS Navigation For Java Phones


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