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GPSViewer 2.6 Application For Java Mobile Phones

This is a Java ME (J2ME) application that allows to shows the time, the current location, the speed, and the moving direction on the display of the mobile phone and runs on all phones, which at least support CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 2.0 and which allow access to Bluetooth or the serial interface .

– Start GPSViewer.

– If necessary change the desired connection mode in the menu “Options”. On Bluetooth capable mobile phones Bluetooth is preset, otherwise the data cable. In addition with selection of the data cable the Baud rate can be changed. The NMEA default value of 4800 Bit/s is preset. If needed, the automatic or manual altitude correction can be activated. The menu can be reached by a function key. Since the display is used in full-screen mode, on many phones is no mark for the active function key.
GPSViewer 2.6 Application For Java Mobile Phones 1
– The indication of the speed can take place in km/h or knots. The signal quality is the better, the smaller the value is.

– The indication takes place in blue, if no connection to the GPS receiver exists and red, if the GPS data are invalid (no free view to satellites).

GPSViewer 2.6 (CLDC 1.0 / MIDP 2.0) or
Select http://wap.wayviewer.de on the mobile phone and download and install GPSViewer directly.