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Grooveshark – Music Streaming App For Android Phones

Grooveshark for android is a music streaming app that allows you to listen to music and playlists from the Grooveshark song catalog on your android smartphones.


  • Play Any Song Instantly
    Find bands you already love and listen instantly—from individual songs to entire albums.

  • Save & Make Playlists
    Create playlists on-the-go and access them anywhere later. On your phone, computer, or friends’ place, your Grooveshark music is synced across the board.
  • Radio
    Can’t think of what to play next? Grooveshark makes radio stations based on tunes you already love. On the road, at the gym, in your ears.
  • Listen Offline
    Pick your favorite songs and store them on your phone to listen to even when your coverage drops. Grooveshark is your on-demand listening cure.
  • Worldwide
    With Grooveshark on your phone, you’ve got the world’s music library everywhere your phone can go.

Grooveshark for Android can be downloaded directly from the phone by pointing the device’s browser to m.grooveshark.com and is compatible with all handsets running Android v1.5 or later.