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Handylearn Counter Java (Jar/JAD)

Collect statistics spontaneously.
If you want to do a quick statistic or survey, you may use a tally sheet. But you need both hands to use it.If you tried this inside a tram, you may have fallen on a fellow passenger in the first curve. Now we have the solution. You need only one hand to operate our Handylearn Counter, you count more quickly, and you get an immediate summary.

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Is blond hair more common in London or in Hamburg? What kind of media are used in a subway? Questions that you can answer by going out and just counting it. You can get surprising results and learn a lot. But using a tally sheet is eye-catching, and you need both hands to do it. Now this becomes easier with the use of your mobile phone.
Just use our software Handylearn Counter. You simply press the digit keys of the phone. The software counts which keys you pressed. You get a summary immediately.

Handylearn Counter