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How do I install Java games?

Assuming you’re looking to download a Java game from a website via your PC – first, download the Java file onto your PC.

Normally the file will be in the form of a .jar file. Sometimes JAR files are distributed inside a ZIP file (for compression)

Next, send the Java file to your Series 60 handset

  • From the phone menu, go Messaging and then to the Inbox

  • Select the message containing the JAR file, and press Options > Open
  • You’ll be prompted to install – Select “Yes”
  • You may get a warning that the application is untrusted. Just continue
  • For phones with a memory card, you may be prompted to choose ‘Phone memory’ or ‘Memory card’
  • Once installation is complete, you’ll see a brief confirmation note

The application should now appear in the main application menu, so you can exit Messaging and go and run it from the main menu. once you’re happy that the application is running as expected, feel free to delete the JAR from the Inbox to save space.