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How to Change Fonts on Infinix, Simple Methods

Infinix brings the XOS interface to almost all of their Android devices, and they’ve packed in a lot of features. One of the features is that it allows you to change various fonts or font styles through the Xtheme application.

But it’s unfortunate that this Xtheme often has some problems for users outside of China. This application always displays a blank page.

To fix this we have tips so that it can be used to display font styles. In addition, I will also provide another alternative with the help of the zFont application.

For those of you who are already curious, here I will guide you how to change the font on Infinix.

How to Change Font on Infinix via Xtheme

How to Change Font on Infinix via Xtheme

XTheme is an app that contains hundreds of themes and fonts that Infinix users can use to change the look of their smartphones. However, to apply the fonts, your Infinix phone must have English as the default language.

Here are the steps to change the font on Infinix via Xtheme.

  1. Open the Settings menu on your infinix phone.
  2. Then select System.
  3. Select the Language & Input menu.
  4. Add English (united state).
  5. Press and hold English then move it to the top.
  6. Now open the Xtheme app.
  7. Then go to Discovery and select one of the preferred fonts.
  8. Download the font and then click Apply.

How to Change Font on Infinix Using zFont

Alternatively, if you want to get custom fonts, you can use a font changer app called zFont. This app provides hundreds of unique and interesting fonts.

For how to use it is also easy, you just install the zfont application on the Infinix phone then apply the font like the following.

  1. First open the Play Store and install the zFont app.
  2. After that, open zFont and allow it to access media.
  3. Next, please select Stylish.
  4. Then select one of the fonts then Download and after that tap Apply.
  5. Next select Change Font and Apply.

By being able to change the font on your Infinix phone, you certainly won’t feel bored in terms of a monotonous look. Hopefully one of the 2 methods we shared above can work well on your smartphone.