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How to clean Xiaomi smartphone speakers

Now there is no need to immediately disassemble the smartphone if you feel there is a problem with the Xiaomi smartphone speaker, because currently Redmi 8 or Redmi 9 is equipped with a speaker cleaning feature.

So if your smartphone speaker is exposed to water or dust you can clean it this way, without having to disassemble your smartphone. Dust and a little water can clog the speakers, usually marked by a less loud speaker sound.

To run this feature you have to wait for 30 seconds, normally our Xiaomi phones will emit a beep sound for 30 seconds and you have to set the volume to full during the cleaning process.

Try not to make other sounds when cleaning the speakers, first turn off all notifications and practice this method in a quiet place and no other sound is heard.

How to Clean Xiaomi Speakers

For users who want to try how to clean Xiaomi speakers then you can see the information below.

Step 1. Please enter the Settings menu on your phone and select Additional Settings.

How to clean Xiaomi smartphone speakers 1

Step 2. Tap Speaker Cleaning.

How to clean Xiaomi smartphone speakers 2

Step 3. Activate in the Speaker Cleaning section, then change the volume of your smartphone to full.

How to clean Xiaomi smartphone speakers 3

Step 4. Wait for the process to complete (30 seconds).

So that’s how to clean Xiaomi phone speakers, the method is very easy, isn’t it. That’s my tutorial today, hopefully it’s useful.

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