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How To Clone Apps in Oppo, using two apps in one device

If you have multiple accounts in one application, it is certainly very inconvenient, because you have to change devices. This is because applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Tiktok, Telegram and so on do not allow to use two accounts in one application.

Oppo responds to the needs of users who want to run the same two applications on one smartphone. They created a special feature called App Cloner.

This Oppo App Cloner feature has the same function as Dual Apps from Xiaomi or App Clone from Vivo. With features like this, we can clone (duplicate) an application easily. So, you can use the same two apps on your Oppo phone.

If you don’t know about App Cloner, this is a very useful feature for us to take advantage of. For that, let’s explain what the App Cloner feature really is.

What is App Cloner?

App Cloner is a feature that allows you to clone apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Messenger, and Instagram. That way, you can have two accounts running simultaneously without the need to constantly log out and log back in.

For example, let’s say you want to use two Telegram apps, one for personal use and one for business use. By default, it’s not possible to have two apps installed on the same phone. Well, with this App Multiplier feature, this can be realized.

On average, almost all social media and instant messaging applications can be cloned with Oppo’s built-in App cloner feature. For how to use it, please refer to the following guide.

How to Clone Applications on Oppo

App Cloner Oppo Feature
First of all, make sure you have installed the app you want to clone. Next, go into the device settings, scroll down to the apps menu and find app cloner. From here, find the app you want to duplicate and slide the button next to it to On.

Using the App Cloner Feature

For more details, please follow the steps on how to clone applications on Oppo phones below.

  1. From the home screen tap the Settings icon.
  2. Then look for an option titled App Management, then tap that option.
  3. On the Application Management page there is an App Cloner option located at the bottom.
  4. After opening the app cloner, please select the application in the list to clone.
  5. Next activate Create App Clone.

Once the cloning process is complete, you will find the same two apps on the home screen. The cloned app is marked with a yellow icon.

Notes: The above method I use ColorOS 11, for ColorOS 6 and below users the option is in Settings> App Cloner.

Using the System Cloner Feature

To operate System Cloner, please refer to the following steps.

  1. Open the Settings app and enter the Privacy menu. Then select System Cloner.
  2. Then enter the primary system password and create a new password for the secondary system.
  3. After that register a fingerprint, if on the main system you use your left thumb, then use your right thumb for the second system (clone). So that you can easily switch between systems without restarting.
  4. Finally, click the Enter system clone button. After that, like a new smartphone, we need to do some basic settings such as logging into a Google account or installing applications such as Whatsapp, Telegram and other things you need.

So with this feature, it’s like having two phones in one hand. We can manage multiple social media accounts or online stores at once.

Experience While Using the App Cloner

As for Oppo phones that do not have the App Cloner and System Cloner features, you can use third-party applications from the Play Store such as 2Accounts, Parallel Account Lite, Multi Parallel or Super Clone.

However, there are a few notes from me while using this app cloning feature or system, which is quite power-consuming, especially battery and RAM. Therefore, choose an application that is really needed for two accounts.

Thus a guide on how to clone applications on Oppo phones either without additional apps or by using third-party multiplier apps from the Play Store.