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How to Edit Tiktok Videos into Anime

Some time ago there was a boom in how to turn photos into anime so that many people edited their photos into anime. Of course this method is very easy to practice, if usually to convert our photos into anime, of course we need photo editing software such as adobe photoshop, etc. but now we can turn our photos into anime with just 1 click. The app that was used and went viral some time ago is an app from China and is not available on the Play Store. But over time, there are now many apps that we can use to turn our photos and videos into anime in one click on the Play Store, and we don’t have to bother looking for apps from China to convert photos and videos into anime.

As I will practice now, I will use an app from the Play Store to convert short videos on TikTok into cool anime videos. For brothers, especially women, you must be familiar with the b612 app, yes this app turns out to have a cartoon effect that can change the appearance of photos and videos into anime very easily in one click, but unfortunately not all Android smartphones support this effect, because only Only smartphones with high specifications can enjoy this effect, for “potato” smartphones, of course, this effect is not yet available, so how do you do it? Here’s how to do it.

How to Edit Tiktok Videos into Anime

For users who intend to follow how to edit TikTok videos into anime then you can see the guide as follows.

1. Prepare 1 TikTok video that you want to turn into anime, how to download videos from TikTok can be seen in my previous article on How to Download Other People’s Tik Tok Videos Without an App.

2. Download and install the b612 app from Play Store.

How to Edit Tiktok Videos into Anime 1

3. After that, open the b612 app, tap on the edit section to enter a TikTok video to be edited into anime.

How to Edit Tiktok Videos into Anime 2

4. Tap on the sticker section.

How to Edit Tiktok Videos into Anime 3

5. Tap the Cartoon effect.

How to Edit Tiktok Videos into Anime 4

6. Tap Cartoons.

How to Edit Tiktok Videos into Anime 5

7. Tap Save when done.

8. Done, now your TikTok video has turned into an anime.

Very simple isn’t it? So that’s how to edit Tiktok videos to become anime in one click / just tap with the B612 app. Good luck.

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