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How to Lock 4G LTE on Samsung, 3 Easy Method

The speed and stability of internet access is very influential on the cellular network we use. If the 4G network often moves to 3G, you need to know how to lock the 4G network on Samsung.

Samsung as a big brand will certainly equip its phones with the latest technology, one of which is the 4G LTE network. Even Samsung has presented phones that support 5G networks.

With smartphones and operators that already support 4G networks, users increasingly have a wide selection of sophisticated devices with fast and stable internet access, thus opening up more opportunities for users to improve digital access experiences in their daily activities.

Even though your Samsung phone supports 4G, you may not be able to get fast internet access if the signal often switches to 3G. This is usually because the area where you are located is less or not yet covered by the 4G network.

To solve the problem of 4G networks that often switch to 3G/HSDPA networks, the only way is to follow this guide on how to lock 4G on Samsung.

How to Lock 4G on Samsung Phone

With the 4G network, Samsung phone users can enjoy higher internet quality and speed compared to the 3G network. Various activities and productivity will become easier thanks to the super-fast internet, playing games will be more exciting with lower latency, and creating content will become easier and seamless.

However, it all depends on the location where you are, if there is a weak 4G signal, the network will automatically switch to 3G and often even to 2G. In order to keep your Samsung phone always connected to the 4G network even though the signal is weak, it is necessary to lock it so that it does not switch anymore.

There are 3 ways to lock Samsung 4G that you can choose according to the phone version, because each phone has different methods.

Lock 4G Network Through Settings

Lock 4G Network Through Settings
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The 4G network lock method via settings can be applied on all Android-based Samsung phones. This method is easy and without the need for third-party applications.

  1. First open the Settings menu.
  2. Then tap Mobile Network.
  3. Select Network Mode.
  4. Next select 4G/3G/2G auto network.

This method is not permanent but for areas where the signal is quite strong it can last a long time. But this method has advantages, which still allows receiving calls and SMS even though your Samsung phone does not support VoLTE.

Using Force LTE Only (4G/5G) App

In our opinion, this Force 4G/5G app is a recommended app for all users of old and new Samsung models. This app can be used on Android Kitkat up to Android 12.

  1. Open the Play Store and install the Force LTE Only (4G/5G) app.
  2. Run the app then in the Important section make sure to check Accept usage policy.
  3. Once in the main menu, several methods of locking the 4G network will appear.
  4. Please choose according to the Android OS version on your Samsung phone.

This application not only locks the 4G network, but is also able to lock the 5G network on Samsung phones. However, you need to know that this method can only be on SIM 1.

Lock LTE With Network Codes

How to lock 4G using this network code usually works on older model phones, especially on the Samsung J series. It’s a bit complicated, but the result will be completely locked without switching again.

  1. First open the Phone app and enter the network code *#0011#.
  2. Next, you will enter the Servicemode menu and tap the three dots in the upper right corner to enter the network settings.
  3. Please select KEY INPUT then type the letter Q.
  4. If so, select Protocol State then select Settings and tap on Protocol.
  5. Next step, select NAS then select Network Control.
  6. In the Band Selection section, select SIM 1 or SIM 2.
  7. After that, tap Clear All Bands.
  8. Continue by selecting LTE Band Preference then select LTE All.
  9. Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner then tap the Back button.
  10. And finally select Apply Band Configuration. The network will refresh for a few moments and after that 4G will be locked.

This is how to lock 4G on Samsung phones so that the network does not move anymore. We hope this guide can be useful for all Samsung users.