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How To Root Lenovo S820 Without PC (New Root Method)

Today we are going to guide you the easiest and safest one click method to root your Lenovo S820 without computer, so that you can unlock your device true potential. The process of rooting your device may be full of risk especially for newbies, who are unable to understand multi step rooting processes which also include risks of bricking. But don’t worry Kingosoft technology made rooting easy and safe with its Android root tool.

Before the process starts – please bear in mind that
-Doing rooting onto your device will void its warranty.

How to Root Lenovo S820

  • Firstly Download and Install KingoRoot as Normal apk on your smartphone.
  • Now Open the app and Press Green Button to start the root
  • It will take some time to root the phone.
  • Finish, Now Reboot Your Device and Enjoy Root Rights.