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How To Root OPPO R1S – Easy No PC

Javaphones presents guidelines on the best way to get the root on your OPPO R1S smartphone from the XDA Developers Forums. The methodology is easy and really simple. This feature demonstrates to you proper methodologies to root the Oppo Mirror3, yet the methodology is the same for pretty much any Android android from oppo such as Find 7, Mirror 3, OnePlus One and more. So in the event that you needed to root your OPPO R1S smartphone, take a minute and look at this feature.

Tutorial Root Oneplus One Without Computer

  1. Download and install Oppo Tools on your device
  2. Run Oppo tools
  3. There is some options tab (Tools, Common and Flash), tap at Common
  4. In Common option select Root, Oppo tools will ask you to install OppoToolsPugin application, tap on button to install
  5. After installation, Open it, and click One Key Root
  6. Wait until root process finish

You can check if you are rooted or not by installing Root Check app from playstore. And you will see success message in it. Henceforth install apps which require root access and enjoy. If you are struck anywhere then please feel free to comment. Do not forget to subscribe to the website for further development for OPPO R1S.