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How to Set Xiaomi Camera to DSLR

Every Android smartphone is usually equipped with a camera, where with a phone camera we can take pictures both selfies and using the rear camera. We will be able to easily take pictures from our cell phones.

Now for those of you who want to get better and clearer photo quality, you can change some camera settings on your smartphone. For Xiaomi users themselves, in the camera settings, there are camera settings that you can change according to your own wishes so that the photos look better. You can change the image quality, image frame, contrast, saturation and so on so that the results of the image capture are maximized.

In addition to the camera settings on your phone, which need to be changed to get better quality, you also have to pay attention to several things, such as having to understand the surrounding light conditions when taking pictures, the distance between the camera and objects, camera stability and much more.

For Xiaomi smartphone users, you can change the camera settings on your phone to the following so that the camera shots are similar to the shots on a DSLR camera.

How to Change Xiaomi Mobile Camera Settings to Like a DSLR Without an App

For those of you who intend to follow how to set Xiaomi camera to dslr then you can see the information as follows.

1. Please open the Xiaomi smartphone camera.

2. Tap the 3 line in the top right corner.

How to Set Xiaomi Camera to DSLR 1

3. Tap Settings.

How to Set Xiaomi Camera to DSLR 2

4. Change some of the settings below:.

  • Camera Frame : 16:9
  • Image Quality : High
  • Anti Banding : 60 hz
  • Contrast : High
  • Saturation: Higher
  • Sharpness: Highest

5. Done, and the result is like this friend:.

How to Set Xiaomi Camera to DSLR 3

How to Set Xiaomi Camera to DSLR 4 How to Set Xiaomi Camera to DSLR 5

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