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How To Take Screenshot In Oppo F17 Pro ColorOS 11

How to screenshot Oppo F17 Pro is arguably very easy because you only need to tap the screenshot icon in the Quick Panel. Apart from this built-in feature, you can also use third-party apps to take screenshots.

Oppo F17 Pro has a 6.43-inch screen specification, Helio P95 chipset, Quad rear camera 48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP, and a 16 MP front camera. This phone has an 8 GB RAM variant with 128 GB of storage space, and is equipped with a 4015 mAh battery capacity.

Another advantage of this phone is that it is equipped with ColorOS 11 which has many features including taking screenshots. Well, what screenshot features are in this Oppo F17, see the tutorial explanation.

How to Screenshot Oppo F17 Pro

Screenshot Oppo F17 Pro

On the Oppo F17 Pro there are 3 screenshot features that you can use to take screenshots to save whatever is displayed on your phone as an image for memories when needed.

Screenshots Using the Button

If you have previously owned an Android smartphone or tablet, you must be familiar with this one feature. Screenshots using buttons can be done on all Android phones including the Oppo F17 Pro.

  1. Select the area you want to screenshot
  2. Next, press the Power and Volume Down buttons together.
  3. If you hear a camera sound and the screen flashes, it means you have successfully taken a screenshot.
  4. You can see the screenshots in the Photos app.

Screenshot 3 Jari

Screenshot 3 Jari Oppo F17 Pro
Image Source HPRino

Swipe 3 fingers on the Oppo screen that you want to screenshot from the top to the bottom. Then you will find the screenshot has been saved in .jpg format.

  1. Enter the Settings menu .
  2. Ketuk Convenience Tools.
  3. Tap Screenshot .
  4. Tap 3-finger swipe down .
  5. Swipe the Oppo screen up or down with 3 fingers to take a screenshot.
  6. Shooting will start with a flashing screen and a shutter sound.

After this feature is active, then you only need to swipe on the screen using 3 fingers. This feature is indeed unique and has been present on Oppo phones for several years. If you don’t like this method, then you can try using the Smart Sidebar.

Screenshots With Smart Sidebar

Screenshots With Smart Sidebar

Oppo’s Smart Sidebar is more than just an accessibility feature. This feature presents a number of shortcuts to help you increase productivity with the Oppo F17 Pro. You can quickly take screenshots, screen recordings, open applications and so on.

Basically this feature has not been activated, so you must activate it first.

  1. Go to the Settings menu .
  2. Tap menu Convenience tools.
  3. Tap the Smart Sidebar option .
  4. Click the Smart Sidebar switch to enable it.
  5. Open Smart Sidebar and press Screenshot .

Long Screenshots Oppo F17 Pro

In addition, the Oppo F17 Pro also has other features that other types of cellphones don’t have. What I mean is Long Screenshot or Long Screenshot.

  1. Open the screen and select the application or page on the Oppo cellphone that will be taken for a long screenshot.
  2. Then take a screenshot with one of the methods above.
  3. Next, you will hear a camera sound and you will successfully take a screenshot.
  4. Please tap the Long Screenshot option in the lower right corner.
  5. Drag the page up and down to set the end of the long screenshot image.
  6. When finished, just click the Done button and the long screenshot will be saved.

How easy is it to take screenshots on the Oppo F17 Pro? So, now it’s up to you whether to use gesture screenshot or long screenshot.