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IM-SEVEN Mobile Instant Messenger For Java Mobile Phones

IM-SEVEN is the first Mobile Instant Messenger that displays Contacts Avatars and enables you to Invite & Play game with your contacts.Supports MSN Messenger , Yahoo Messenger & Google Talk & IM-SEVEN Messaging Systems.


  • Supports MSN® & Yahoo® & Google Talk® & IM-SEVEN© Messaging Systems
  • Simultaneous connection to one/all selected systems
  • Signup for IM-SEVEN user account for FREE
  • View contacts by online/offline status
  • Contacts Avatars (offline contacts avatars are displayed in grey scale)
  • Contacts management: add/remove contact
  • Sound notification for incoming messages and online events
  • Tabbed Interface of the chat sessions with your contacts
  • Automatic updates of your contact list
  • Smiley support
  • Capture & Send Photos (send/receive photos to/from your contacts instantly)
  • Browse & Send Photos from your mobile phone storage
  • Browse & Send Videos from your mobile phone storage
  • Receive Photos instantly
  • Receive Videos instantly
  • Invite & Play Mobile game
  • Automatic Updates of the application
  • Language: English
  • Fast response and low network flow
  • Upload & Share Photos with IM-SEVEN Community
  • Post your Comments for the SPECIAL REWARD of the IM-SEVEN Community
  • Create & Share “Colaborative Websites” with your Buddies accross the IM-SEVEN Community

IM-SEVEN works with all GPRS internet Access Points, with all unlimited GPRS WAP Access Points and with almost all WAP GSM connections.

IM-Seven version 1.1 for java cellphone



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