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InstantMe V 2

InstantMe V 2 by Biscompute
InstantMe is an application that allows the transfer your content (applications,games,ringontes,images) from your phone to another Series60 phone
New Received Files option show you all files received from another InstantMe application and let you decode those files to the original format.
Select the file you wish to decode and select Decode option from menu. The decoded file will be found in “NokiaOthers” folder in your phone memory or memory card .
InstantMe V 2 1
To find your decoded file you can use Gallery application or any file browser.
Compatible devices list
Nokia 6260 Nokia 6600
Nokia 6630 Nokia 6670
Nokia 7610 Nokia 7650
Nokia 3230 Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681 Nokia 6682
Nokia N70 Nokia N-Gage QD
Nokia N90 Nokia N91