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Flurry For J2ME Phones

flurry retrieves your email in the same way that you do – by logging into your email server and checking for new messages. When it finds new messages, it notifies you that you have mail waiting.

Cool Stuff
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    uTweetMe is a free J2ME cell phone client application which allows posting updates to Twitter .
  • mMail 2.2
    mMail midlet is a useful email client for mobile Java (J2ME) devices supporting GPRS data transfer. It is able to send and receive simple plain-text email messages. HTML-based emails are converted on the server to plain-text. Images, scripts and attachments …
  • muTelnet 2.0.1
    muTelnet is a Telnet client for J2ME/MIDP mobile devices featuring: *direct TCP connection to remote sites *an ANSI-compatible terminal with offscreen scrolling *an interface adapted to limited input capabilities *bookmark management, command history and control characters support before using µTelnet, …

In retrieving your mail, flurry is even more secure than using a normal email client since your information is protected at every step of the process.

flurry itself is free! We also compress your messages and store them on the phone to reduce your internet plan costs. In a given month, we expect you to use about 1 megabyte of internet data with flurry and we recommend at least 5 megabyte plans for frequent users.

You can sign up to get all your news, blogs and other RSS feeds pushed to flurry as they are released. Then you can easily share them with your friends while you’re on the go.

Flurry For J2ME Phones