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MobileTribe 2.5

MobileTribe is a multiple social networks like Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo!, Google, and Orkut with one simple, intuitive user interface on your phone.

MobileTribe users can View pictures on flickr, Picasa and Social Networks. Play video and music by streaming media to your phone from Youtube, Blip.tv, Social Networks and from personal desktops through Orb.

MobileTribe Features

  • Socialize with friends on Facebook, Orkut and MySpace from your phone.
  • Communicate using Yahoo mail, Hotmail and Gmail by looking up your contacts on Plaxo, Google and Yahoo.
  • Call/SMS globally at savings of up to 98% by looking up your contacts on Plaxo, Google, Yahoo and Social Networks.
  • Status updates from your friends on social networks.
  • Get daily free wallpapers/ringtones to download to your phone.
  • This client is sponsored by Advertisements.

MobileTribe 2.5
*(if doesn’t work Go to m.mobiletribe.net using your your mobile browser.