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WeBuzz IM 2.3.0

Webuzz is a free all in one instant messenger that helps chatting to your friends on Google Talk (GTalk), Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger (YM), AIM or ICQ.


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  • One Contact List for all Buddies on all Accounts
  • Multiple Profiles
  • Email Notification for Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail
  • Instant Translation
  • WeBuzz IM supports sending and receiving offline messages.
  • Send Messages to PC
  • Works on the Background
  • Buddy Management
  • Chooe your current presence (Available, Away, Busy, Don’t Disturb, Invisible)
  • You can open multiple chat sessions at the same time.

WeBuzz IM works on every Internet enabled phone running J2ME MIDP 2.0 with midlet size >= 100 kb.

WeBuzz IM for Mobile
This version is working for all BlackBerry models. you can download it from your blackberry browser : bb.we-buzz.com