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Bluetooth Messenger 1.2.9

Bluetooth Messenger v 1.2.9 for Java Mobile Phone
Bluetooth Messenger will allow users to transfer text messages via bluetooth connections in short distances.

First of all, searching for active devices on which this service is running, is needed. All devices will be added to your clients and you can control their access mode in settings menu.

You can choose which devices have the authority to receive your messages and which have not. As default no device would receive your messages. So choose trusted devices from settings menu.

Cool Stuff
  • YMTiny v1.3 (update)
    What’s New in version 1.3: – Removes tiny bitmap font – Adds medium bitmap font – Improves authentication (login timeout issue) – Some minor optimizations (GUI and threads) – Status is shown next to YahooID (press 7 to show/hide them)
  • Virca IRC v1.1.20
    Virca is a IRC client for java phones.
  • Instango v0.47.2
    You may send and receive chat messages GoogleTalk, ICQ, AIM, MSN or Yahoo! and Push-to-Talk messages to/from other instango users and Send pictures and files to instango users to e-mail addresses and other IM networks.

Bluetooth Messenger v1.2.9 Java Application

Compatible with All J2ME phone models