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KeePass for Blackberry 1.2.1358

KeePass for Blackberry 1.2.1358 1
KeePassBB is a viewer for databases created with the popular KeePass Password Safe v1. It was inspired by KeePass for J2ME and shares some of the KeePass-specific database functions. The user interface and synchronization however were written from scratch to take advantage of BlackBerry unique features.

KeePass for BlackBerry Installation
Your device MUST be running BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 or greater. Devices running 4.6.1 or greater MAY work but without synchronization. If you ARE running 4.6.1 or greater I recommend upgrading to KeePass for the Desktop version 2.0.7 or greater, and KeePassBB v2. This is due to changes in the OS at 4.6.1.

For desktop installation, download the .msi file and run it from the command line or directly from Windows Explorer. It will install the Desktop Manager Synchronization Add-In and extract the cod and alx files you’ll need to install on the device. Use the Desktop Manager Application Loader to get the software into your device. If the installation fails, make sure Vista User Account Control is turned off and that you’re running the install as an administrator. You can turn UAC back on again after the install.

If you still don’t see the Add-In int the Desktop manager, perform the following steps…
Open a Command Window and navigate to the installation directory, usually “c:\Program Files\KeePass for BlackBerry”. Now run the following command: “regasm /codebase KeePassBBAddIn.dll”. Now restart the Desktop Manager.

The Add-In requires that the Microsoft .NET Runtime v2.0 be installed on your desktop. In the unlikely event that you do not already have the proper runtime, the installer will download and install it for you.

When the installation is completed, open the Desktop Manager Synchronization tool and go to the Configuration tab. Press the Configure Add-Ins button and you should see the Add-In listed. Check the box and press the “Configure” button to set the location of your KeePass database file.

KeePass for Blackberry 1.2.1358