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Kyte Mobile – Broadcast Your Pictures, Video and Chat For Java Mobile Phones

kyte is an interactive personal broadcasting platform enabling you to create your own multimedia channel either online or via a mobile phone. With kyte, you produce shows featuring videos, photos, slide shows or selected music tracks and broadcast them in real time to your Facebook or MySpace profile, personal website, blog or mobile device. You always stay connected with your audience via chats or polls and may share your channel by inviting your friends to broadcast shows too.

The kyte mobile application is a java program that is downloaded and installed on your phone. With the kyte mobile application you can use the advanced show producer tools like LifeStream and Show Wizard and create video or audio Livechat.

Kyte Mobile for java phones



  1. I really like the live stream option, but unfortunately my cell phone is not compatible with the program. The kyte program allows you to do a lot more from your phone rather than just allow you to upload video or pictures.

  2. Evan,
    Please note, that m.kyte.tv is a wap site, that gives you almost the same Kyte Experience as if you would use their JAVA app.!



  3. Oopps… Part of my comment seemed to be cut away…
    Anyways: You can broadcast shows via email (simply attach a picture and send it to your channel-email-address that is’channelname’@kyte.tv) or use Nokia Lifeblog to start uploading pictures directly from your gallery.