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locr GPS Photo for Symbian

Locr enables users to automatically add geo-references to photographs. organizing photographs using geographical information.. Geographical positions can be displayed on digital maps, aerial and satellite pictures. Photographs can also be uploaded to the locr community and shared with friends and family.

locr GPS Photo for Symbian 1

locr is based on photographs with geotags. A geotag provides information about the position at which the photo was taken. Geotags can either be defined manually or automatically via GPS.

Locr Gps Photo manual

Compatible Cellphone
3rd Edition : Nokia 3250 Nokia 5500 Nokia 5700 XpressMusic Nokia 6110 Navigator Nokia 6120 classic Nokia 6290 Nokia E50 Nokia E61i Nokia E65 Nokia E70 Nokia E90 Communicator Nokia N71 Nokia N73 Nokia N75 Nokia N76 Nokia N77 Nokia N80 Nokia N80 Internet Edition Nokia N91 Nokia N92 Nokia N93 Nokia N95 Nokia N92 Nokia N93 Nokia N95
2nd Edition : Nokia: 6630 Nokia 6680 Nokia 6681 Nokia 6682 Nokia N70 Nokia N72 Nokia N90 Nokia 3230 Nokia 6260 Nokia 6600 Nokia 6620 Nokia 6670 Nokia 7610

locr GPS Photo for Symbian