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LyricShow Player Application For Java Mobile Phones

LyricShow Player Application For Java Mobile Phones 1

with the music player application LyricShow Player which runs song (MP3 ,WAV , AAC and MP4) Iyrics synchronously, and enables to you can read E-books while listening to music.

About music player and synchronizer
This application starts from in the music player mode, so press 9 to browse the files. If you get the securty enquire, please choose “for session”. When listening to music, you can use the right soft key to get to the main menu and so that you could do something else, for example: read ebooks.
In the music player mode, press 5 to play, or 7 to stop the player. If the music has the lyrics, press the left soft key to exchange lyrics and playlist. Attention, the file with lyrics must be saved in the same direction and have the same filename as the music-file. Lyric files (*.lrc) should be saved using Unicode or ANSI(GB2312) character table.

LyricShow Player Application For Java Mobile Phones 2LyricShow Player Application For Java Mobile Phones 3

About E-book reader
Press 9 to open books. The HELP document will be shown to you at the first start.
The program supports standard ZIP-compressed files (with either .zip or .jar extension). Compressed files can include several files and folders, but beware that the file and foldernames should be ONLY IN ENGLISH. E-book files should be saved using ANSI(GB2312) or Unicode charakter table.

Download LyricShow Player for java cellphones
OR Download from ziddu

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  1. please gimme the player

  2. gostaria de ter a versão para nokia 6555 do LyricShow Player

  3. hi all
    does it work on 6500 slide
    plz help me to use this program
    i dont know how install all jar file plz help me.

  4. Well i just installed it and all works nice, except lyrics, i have the lyrics in .lrc format, same name as song even cap letters, and they are unicode format, but i press left softkey and always says “no lyrics” just that…

  5. but i think TTPod Is the best music player with lyrics

  6. how to send to mobile and how to use it..any1 explains it…?am using sony ericson k800i

  7. this is the best lrc player i had even seen