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m3Dcam Java (Jar/JAD) – Create 3D Photos Using Mobile Phone

Application that allows you to use your mobile phone camera to create 3-D anaglyph images.The 3D images can then be either viewed on phone screen (using suitable pair of 3D glasses) or saved to a community m3dcam.

What is 3D Anaglyph?

Anaglyph is one way that can be used to visualize an object, either in the form of images or videos in 3D. The concept of Anaglyph emerged since around 1890 which at that time was used more in the field of cinema.

However, basically Anaglyph can be applied to remote sensing imagery. Hanke and Doneus (2016) mention that Anaglyph for now is still a suitable way to visualize objects in a three-dimensional image.

Furthermore, Anaglyph is also still the cheapest way to create three-dimensional visualizations.

If you have a Symbian S60 3rd Edition smartphone, it is much easier to create 3D anaglyph images using the M3dcam app. After deleting the image, you can take a screenshot of your device using a special program (eg Scrnshot) and save the image right away.

Compatible Phones

m3Dcam app should work on phones supporting Java (J2ME MIDP 2.0 and CDLC 1.1) which allow camera access through J2ME (MMAPI camera support). Tested works for Nokia S60 (e.g. N70, N73, N93, N95, 5500 etc.) and Sony Ericsson (K-series, W-series etc.) handsets. However, it should work with other manufacturers/models.

UPDATE: I’ve just tested on Nokia Series 40, and you need to select Mode 4 [I] from the Camera options in order to take photos.

* supporting MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.0 (or better) and allowing camera access through J2ME. Look- up your device on J2ME Polish’s Device list to check out your phone’s capabilities (not all devices are listed)