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Media Safe v 1.1

Media Safe Symbian Software By Nova Epoc Systems
Keeps photo/audio/video/note files secure and private on your mobile phone. Protect your important media files!

Media Safe v 1.1 1
You can store secret Photo, Audio, Video and Note files secure on your mobile phone. Media Safe uses the advanced cryptography methods to protect your media files. The program offers a comfortable and fully customizable user interface. The strong data encryption is done by the 256 bit BLOWFISH block cipher (one of the most secure and fastest encryption algorithm) and SHA1 secure hashing algorithm.
Media Safe v 1.1 2
Main features of Media Safe:
* Possibility to encrypt and store media files of the different type: Images, Sounds, Videos and Notes.
* Strong and fast data encryption (BLOWFISH and SHA1)
* Comfortable and customizable user interface.
MMC support.

Compatible Devices
Nokia 3230 Nokia 3600 Nokia 3620 Nokia 3650 Nokia 3660 Nokia 6260 Nokia 6600 Nokia 6620 Nokia 6630 Nokia 6670 Nokia 6680 Nokia 6681 Nokia 6682 Nokia 7610 Nokia 7650 Nokia 9210 Communicator Nokia N-Gage Nokia N-Gage QD Nokia N70 Nokia N90
Media Safe v 1.1 3Samsung SGH-D720
Samsung SGH-D730
Siemens SX1

136 Kb free disk space

Media Safe v 1.1 For Symbian Phones