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Microsoft Excel J2ME App For Java Mobile Phones (Jar/JAD)

This is a small spreadsheet application that is compatible with Microsoft Excel, and can create, open, edit, and save in Microsoft’s ‘.xls’ spreadsheet format.

* LG U8150
Motorola V180, V200, V360, V600, A630, C650, RAZR V3, SLVR L6, SLVR L7
* Nextel 7520
* Sagem myX5-2v
* Samsung SGH-E370, SGH-X700, SPH-A680, C100, D600E, X100
* Sanyo VM-4500, MM-8300
* Siemens M50, S55, C55, M55, C60, MC60, A65, C65, CFX65, C75
* Sony Ericsson K300i, K500i, F500i, K600i, K610i, K700i, S700, K750i, K800i, W800i, Z800i, P900, P910, P910i, Z1010, K800i, K790i, W810, W900, W700, W850, M600i, P990i, W710, K600, K610, K618i, K608i
* RIM BlackBerry 7230, 7230e, 7280
* Nokia 3220, 3230, 5140, 6020, 6021, 6030, 6060, 6131, 6220, 6230, 6230i, 6233, 6260, 6280, 6600, 6610i, 6630, 6820, 6822, 7200, 7250i, 7610, 7710, 9300, 9300i, 9500, N-gage, N70, N80

Microsoft Excel For Mobile Phones



  1. I would like to have a microsoft excel in my N5700 Xpress music, thank you and more power!

  2. I hope this program is good & worked also

  3. How to install this in the mobile phone???

  4. Yeah.Now i can lie in bed and complete my work.

  5. well, do know how to load a file from a computer to this excell appl. In which folder to place file to load it in phone excell program?

  6. I don’t no

  7. Nothing special…i have seen better aplications on mobile. Definitely looking for something better:(

  8. i want to download excel in my motorokr e6 plz help me.

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  10. To which location on my mobile should I upload the XLS (excel) file?

  11. i need to use excel for i phone 3g ver china pliz help me
    thank gan

  12. hi, i want to know which folder I should place the .xls files in.

  13. I require excel for nokia 6303i phone , most favourably in *.xls format if possible or otherwise . kindly guide me .

  14. I want to utilise microsoft excel in Nokia 5800 xpress music ph. Pls help me

  15. any excel used screen shots

  16. How i can down load this application


  18. sir i need excel sheet for my nokia 5233 which l can downlad

  19. This is the Best….

  20. How can i download the excel for nokia2690.. PLZ Tell me..

  21. Does anyone knows how to enter decimal fractions in cells . when I try to do that
    formula result says “not a number” …?????

  22. please help me to find a mobile which can open emails that contains excel (xls) format immediately contact me with a mail please……