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mig33 v 3.01 Java (Jar/JAD)

mig33 is a combination of a mobile instant messenger and international calling card service. You can chat to your buddies and meet new friends using the group chat rooms, profiling, photo sharing, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Messenger and our wholesale SMS service.

And when you want to make a phone call, you can launch a call back to your mobile phone or landline at competitive discount calling card rates. It’s designed to have a very small footprint and to work on the widest range of mobile handsets (Java MIDP1.0 and MIDP2.0 phones)

Features Mig33

  • Instant Messaging, Community and Photos (NEW)
    Talk to your friends on MSN, Yahoo, and AIM instant messengers using your mobile phone! And when your friends join mig33, you can share your profiles, photos, scrapbooks and more.

  • Chat Rooms
    Make new friends from all over the world through the thousands of mig33 chat rooms.

  • Cheap VOIP Calls
    Save on your phone bill with cheap international calls on your mobile, or over your PC, using our VoIP Toolbar.

  • Cheap SMS
    Send cheap SMS and keep in touch with your mates even when they’re offline.

Download Mig33 in your phone