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mMail 2.2 For Java Mobile Phones

mMail midlet is a useful email client for mobile Java (J2ME) devices supporting GPRS data transfer. It is able to send and receive simple plain-text email messages. HTML-based emails are converted on the server to plain-text. Images, scripts and attachments are cuted.


    mMail 2.2 For Java Mobile Phones 1

  • POP3/SMTP mail server support
  • email subject download for minimizing amount of data (subject, sender, receivers and date of send)
  • partial mail body download
  • reading HTML-based messages (converted to plain-text)
  • replying and forwarding emails
  • attachements info
  • comfortable address book
  • offline email reading (emails are stored in phone memory)
  • keep GPRS connection
  • english, german and polish language version *
  • support for many email accounts *

There are two versions of mMail:

mMail 2.2 – for color display phones with Java and GPRS, like:
– Nokia 7650, 6100, 6610, 3510i, 3650, 7210, 3200, 6230, 5100, 7250
– Siemens S55, MC60, M55
– Motorola T722i

Basic mMail 2.2 – for black&white display phones with Java and GPRS like:
– Nokia 6310i
– Siemens C55, M50, MT50

mMail 2.2.4