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Mobile Disinfector v2.02.0

Mobile Disinfector Symbian Software By MPulze
MPulze Mobile Disinfector is hard coded and secure anti-virus tool which intended to clear Symbian smartphones from viruses, worms and other dangerous malware in real time. Disinfector’s engine uses advanced intellectual technologies to protect phone and you.
Disinfector protects phone’s from all known viruses and trojans. Disinfector is easy to configure and use.

* phone based application providing anytime anywhere protection; Mobile Disinfector v2.02.0 1
* real time scanning of files and messages as they arrive provides immediate protection;
* protection not only from known viruses but also their possible modifications;
* manual scan available anytime;
* set to autoscan as frequently as you want;
* auto-starts when phone turned on;
* always-on background operation;
* self-recovery possibility;
* fixing file-system errors;
* viewable log;
* low memory footprint, especially when operating in background;
* updates service;
* transferrable between phones;
* advanced help that contains faq for users regarding phone safety.

Mobile Disinfector trial v2.02.0 For Symbian Series 60