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Mobile Planetarium for Java Phones

Mobile Planetarium is a MIDP1.0/2.0 midlet (a software) for most Java-enabled cell phones.
It simulates whole sky at any point on earth with constellations, stars up to 6 mag, solar systems and some other celestial objects.

It may be a useful tool when you are bathed under star lights with your cell phone in the pocket. This also gives you a serious and detailed guide of current sky above your head at your location.


  • Both Horizontal and Equatorial Coordinate Display of whole sky.

  • 88 constellation names, 83 constellation stick figures, 110 messiers and stars up to mag 6.0 (5080 stars, and 50 common star names).
  • Full 8 planets plus Sun and Moon is calculated, information is displayed respectively on a seperate screen.
  • Location and Date/Time can be set at startup. Applicable for any location on earth given a specific time.
  • Sophisticated display control over all information on screen.
  • Search for any type of object and GOTO functions.
  • Quickly jump over time with adjustable time steps.
  • Auto update of celestial object positions.
  • Support English and Chinese display of celestial object name
  • Tiny 160KB compressed jar file. (for version 0.09)

MobileStarChart v0.09