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Mobiluck v4.01

Mobiluck Symbian Software By MobiLuck
MobiLuck into your mobile phone and detect all Bluetooth devices in a 10 to 100 meters range!
Communicate with them for free even if they don’t have MobiLuck.Send messages for free and meet people with your mobile phone
Mobiluck v4.01 1
with MobiLuck you can already:

  • Detect all nearby Bluetooth devices. Your cell phone rings or vibrates when it finds one.

  • Send messages and photos for free to friends or strangers with no need of their phone numbers.
  • Hear when you receive a Bluetooth message and reply to the sender!
  • Send your profile and receive profiles from other MobiLuckers including their photo.
  • Send MobiLuck to other people so you’ll meet more and more MobiLuckers.
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