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MobiMonster 2.0 For Symbian

MobiMonster 2.0 is a Mobile application for Symbian Series 60 that allows to access to Worldwide Air, Hotel and Car availability and reservation service, Worldwide weather and currency, Access to flight schedules and flight delay status, Text translation between several languages, Secure Space, backup of SMS, Contacts and Calendar, Photo, Video and File Sharing. MobiMonster Mobile also provides access to discount coupons and Advertisements specific to your current location.


  • Travel Services : MobiMonster provides access to a worldwide database of Airlines, Hotels and Car rental companies. This service is enabled free of charge and the user can use them at no cost on the mobile device (Symbian and Windows Mobile) .
  • Flight Services : Provides access to worldwide flight delays (gate status) and flight schedule services for all major airlines. To check flight delays on your mobile device, enter the name and number of the flight and MobiMonster will query a worldwide database of airports to obtain accurate information of the flight delays. Flight Schedule queries all major airlines and provides you connections between any two cities.
  • Translate Text : Enables you to translate text between several international languages on your mobile device. This service also sends the translated text to you as a SMS and store the translated text on your mobile device for later retrieval. You have the ability enter text and obtain an instant translation of the entered string on your mobile device. This translated string can also be stored on your mobile phone for future reference.
  • Phone backup : enables backups of SMS, Contacts and Calendar stored on your mobile device. All data is extracted and sent via an Internet connection (on your device) to our secure servers, where this data is stored. You can downloads SMS, Contacts and Calendar to your device at any time or check the them via the website. This is perfect insurance for your mobile phone.
  • Secure Space : Store all your secure information in one place. Secure space application AKA Mobile wallet which has pre-defined list to store banking, credit card information, expense list, etc on your mobile device. You can also create custom lists to store your data.
    File Sharing : Photo, Video and File sharing is enabled on your mobile device to click and instantly upload to share with the world.

  • Weather : Free weather service on your mobile phone enables you to query all major worldwide locations to obtain weather forecast for 5 days on your mobile device. This is a free service. This service never expires and you will continue to enjoy free weather of your mobile handset for life.
  • Currency : Free to download the currency database on your mobile device and perform offline conversions. This service is available for free of charge for your mobile device.

MobiMonster 2.0