MP3Go v2.02 For Nokia Series 60

MP3Go for Nokia Series 60 is a MP3 music player running on Nokia S60 phone running Symbian such as Nokia N-Gage QD/3660/3650/3620/7650/Panasonic X700 6600/6620/7610/6260/6670/3230/Panasonic X800, so you can play MP3 songs stored in the main memory or MMC memory card.

Features MP3Go:

  • Support MPEG-1 layer 3 file in 24k/32k/64k/128k/192k/256k/320k bitrate
  • Smart interface: manage all functions using simply the joystick button
  • Fully support Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese in filename, song properties (requires phone with built-in Chinese language support)
  • File Manager like user interface, let you select any MP3 songs from MMC
  • Listen using hand-free mode, headset
  • Pause and resume songs when incoming voice calls or making external voice calls arrive
  • Basic controls: Play, Pause, Stop, Next song/Previous song
  • Additional controls: Time slider, Volume slider, Playlist, Random/Repeat Play
  • Displaying song information: Album name, Artist Name, Title, Bitrate, Sample rate, Duration
  • Support Playlist .m3u which is compatible to NullSoft WinAmp, Microsoft Media Player format
  • Create, load and save Playlists
  • Add or Remove a song from the Playlist
  • Auto-save recently-used Playlist
  • Auto-lock with user-defined period