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Avys v1.0 – Mobile Synthesizer

Avys is a very innovative little software tool that produces ringtones from camera input! Have you ever wanted to know how – for example- your face sounds like? Just hold the cam in front of your face and Avys will immediately start playing sounds generated from integrated cellphone camera.


  • Color recognition mode: Produced sounds will vary upon the base color of the camera input

  • Melody mode: Fast ringtone sounds generated only by the pixels of the cam-input
  • Future extension will include SPEECH SYNTHESIS. This could be helpful for children who want to learn the name of colors or for blind people who want to know about the color of things. Avys will name the base color of the pictures instantly made by cellphone camera.
  • Another future extension will allow the user to send a ringtone generated from a static picture to another user! So you will get an audio-visual representation of a snapshot!
  • Compatible to MMAPI 1.0

Avys v1.0 – Mobile Synthesizer