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MoviePlayer 1.16 – Java applications for your mobile phone

MoviePlayer is a video player for JAVA enabled mobile phones. MoviePlayer for java mobile phone can play any video and audio files like the desktop version of VLC.

Movie Player For Sony Ericsson

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Let us know in the comments area below if you have any issues or question while installingMoviePlayer 1.16 on mobile phones.



  1. olha só isso

  2. Generally very happy with this app. Would love it if it could persistently remember where I left off in a file when the app is closed. I use it to listen to podcasts on my commute, and leave it paused for hours at a time so I can continue later; but I lose my place if I use the phone heavily enough for java mobile phone to close the app in the background (or the phone reboots). That’s a great feature of the desktop VLC. With that, this app would definitely be 5 stars!

  3. It’s the gold standard of video players. I’m not just saying that because I like it, many people don’t even bother encoding files in forms that the built-in Android media player can use. Also, it’s free so you have no excuse to not be using it. The simple fact is that it’s necessary to own in the 21st century.