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MyStrands Social Player for Java Phone

MyStrands Social Player for Java has taken the concept of a mobile music player and has enhanced it greatly. Users can, not only play their favorite MP3 files but can also discover and play new music of their liking, meet new people with similar tastes, find out how much their music is played


  • Browse and play your music by track, artist, album, genre and playlist.

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  • Get recommendations for great music.
  • Link to our extensive mobile web site for detailed information.
  • Find out who’s playing your music now, what other music they’re listening to and add them as friends.
  • Discover new music through your friends.
  • Have your personal messages available from your mobile

Release note: Application have been tested with the following devices: Nokia N91, Nokia E60, Nokia N80, Nokia E50, Nokia N95, Nokia N73

System requirements
MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1. JSR 75 and JSR 135. Jar Size limit > 512 MB. Recommendable unlimited Heap and Jar size.

MyStrands Social Player for Java Phone